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1 year-in: SmartSimple’s Premium Support team deliver 12 months of dedicated care

It doesn't take much to maintain a partnership when things are going well – but will your solutions provider be there to give you the support you need after they hit the ‘go-live’ button?   

Any good company will listen to their clients and be there for them when things get bumpy, or when their needs change over time.

Our clients were giving us feedback that they wanted a dedicated, flexible support service that provided them with one main point of contact. We listened to what our clients were telling us, and in response launched SmartSimple’s Premium Support Services back in January of last year.

So what is Premium Support?

Premium Support Services is designed to meet the unique and immediate needs of our clients around the world, and their communities.

Biggest benefits of the service?
Every client who joins the service is assigned a Dedicated Support Representative, meaning one point of contact for all their support requests. Our team of representatives have an in-depth working kno…

New office space underway at SmartSimple Toronto

It’s been a bustling few weeks at SmartSimple HQ as we’ve been expanding our existing office space to make room for our fast growing teams.
SmartSimple headquarters employs over 70 people working across 6 business units. This rapid level of growth in our headcount over recent months is testament to the fact that we continue to deliver some of the most advanced process solutions available today.

With almost half of the 4th floor at 111 Peter Street now to our name, great views of the CN Tower isn’t the only good thing to come from weeks of construction. 
Increasingly, we’re seeing more leading multinationals look to us to deliver process solutions that are fit to manage their unique corporate giving needs. In the past year alone, we’ve taken on some of the most complex process challenges facing global businesses.
These include: advising The Coca-Cola Foundation on a granting solution to manage the 6,000 applications they receive each year globally, and track annual foundation giving worth …

Meet Mike & Keith: Interview with SmartSimple Co-Founders

We sat down with Mike Reid & Keith Yau to talk about where SmartSimple came from and where it's going.

1. What does SmartSimple stand for?

SmartSimple is a ‘bootstrap’ business, meaning we don’t take outside investment. Instead, we’ve made our way up in this industry by investing our time and money in our people and our technology. It’s this idea of ‘pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps’ and our belief in what we do that’s got us where we are today. Now 15 years in operation, SmartSimple serves over 250 clients - with client retention at 99%.

As Co-Founders we stand for experience. Having lived and breathed technology for over 30 years (with more than a few gray hairs to show for it), we take comfort in the Irish saying “the old dog for the long road”.

2. What’s your motivation?

Our products improve the quality of people’s lives. As a result of automation, our clients have more time to make important decisions. While others may try to tie clients down, we empower people to get wh…