SmartSimple February 2017 Upgrade Highlights

Our Development team has been busy upgrading our platform so that our users have access to even more enhancements and new features.

Our first upgrade of 2017 sees us focusing heavily on the continued evolution of the platform user interface (UI). We’ve made a number of changes to the List and Object Views that will improve usability, and make it easier and more intuitive to navigate.

We’ve also released the next series of enhancements to our exciting new Media Library feature, and added to our platform’s Data Exchange functionality with OData support.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Clean List Views and Object Views

We’ve applied a simpler, cleaner look to the List and Object Views to help make navigation more efficient and effective. For those who work in the platform regularly, the first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve shifted a couple of buttons and menus over to the right side of the screen. The Search bar, is now on the right of the screen while the View menu is up in the right-hand corner of the screen. We’ve also moved the List View button down below the tab.

Individual columns in List Views can now be alphabetically sorted with a simple click. Click on column headers to sort by ascending, descending, and back to default.

Efficient Advanced Search options 

You can now edit filters and save your advanced searches faster and directly on the page. In the past when users clicked Advanced Search, it popped up as lightbox that covered the entire view. We’ve now made Advanced Search options appear intuitively underneath the search field.  Add your discrete search criteria quicker and with less interruption than before. 

Enhanced File Uploading

Users will now see only one button which will be used for uploading single and multiple files. Users used to see two file upload buttons, one for uploading single files and one for uploading multiple files. While the change may appear trivial, it’s all a part of SmartSimple’s objective to simplify and deliver a cleaner user interface. 

New Features

Media Library List Views for Custom Field Types

The SmartSimple Media Library, which we introduced in our last upgrade, gets an exciting new feature: list views for custom field types. As the name suggests, users can now create List Views with custom fields, enabling them to build filtered searches that can be saved. 

For example, an arts-funding organization can filter its Media Library for reviewers to only see works of art that are in video format, from a specific geographic area, and are created by artists whose annual income is under a specific threshold. 

Now offering OData support

OData provides clients with the ability to publish their data direct to their communities. With OData support, users are now able to embed data into a Microsoft Excel document so that every time they open up the report, the data is automatically updated with the latest data. This tool will help Foundations save time when reporting outcomes on donor-advised funds.

Learn More on our SmartSimple Wiki 

Stay up to speed on everything you need to know about the February 2017 Upgrade by checking in on our SmartSimple Wiki


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