1 year-in: SmartSimple’s Premium Support team deliver 12 months of dedicated care

It doesn't take much to maintain a partnership when things are going well – but will your solutions provider be there to give you the support you need after they hit the ‘go-live’ button?   

Any good company will listen to their clients and be there for them when things get bumpy, or when their needs change over time.

Our clients were giving us feedback that they wanted a dedicated, flexible support service that provided them with one main point of contact. We listened to what our clients were telling us, and in response launched SmartSimple’s Premium Support Services back in January of last year.

So what is Premium Support?

Premium Support Services is designed to meet the unique and immediate needs of our clients around the world, and their communities.

Biggest benefits of the service?

Every client who joins the service is assigned a Dedicated Support Representative, meaning one point of contact for all their support requests. Our team of representatives have an in-depth working knowledge of their client’s specific system and are on standby from 5AM - 9PM EST, alongside a 24/7 critical support line.

As part of the service, clients can also take advantage of monthly calls with Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience, to review system functionality and configuration, and discuss any added training that might be of value.

Over the past 12 months, our team of in-house Dedicated Support Representatives have brought the benefits of Premium Support Services to almost 30 SmartSimple clients across the globe.

Madhulika Sharma, Director of Community Support
Madhulika Sharma, Director of Community Support, envisions even more adoption of Premium Support Services:

"Clients sign up to Premium Support Services because their business needs require fast, convenient assistance. We’ve seen overwhelming demand for the service since it launched last January, and just this quarter, 4 more clients are coming on-board. As the number of clients joining Premium Support Services grows, so will our team - it's all part of our commitment to delivering unrivaled client care, without compromise."

Learn more about Premium Support Services here.

Already a client and want to join up? Please speak with your SmartSimple Account Manager.


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