Meet Mike & Keith: Interview with SmartSimple Co-Founders

We sat down with Mike Reid & Keith Yau to talk about where SmartSimple came from and where it's going.

Left-Right: Mike Reid & Keith Yau

1. What does SmartSimple stand for?

SmartSimple is a ‘bootstrap’ business, meaning we don’t take outside investment. Instead, we’ve made our way up in this industry by investing our time and money in our people and our technology. It’s this idea of ‘pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps’ and our belief in what we do that’s got us where we are today. Now 15 years in operation, SmartSimple serves over 250 clients - with client retention at 99%.

As Co-Founders we stand for experience. Having lived and breathed technology for over 30 years (with more than a few gray hairs to show for it), we take comfort in the Irish saying “the old dog for the long road”.

2. What’s your motivation?

Our products improve the quality of people’s lives. As a result of automation, our clients have more time to make important decisions. While others may try to tie clients down, we empower people to get what they want out of our platform. That’s what underpins everything we do.

3. SmartSimple serves 7 of the top Fortune 100 – what do clients look for?

Innovation. Empowering their communities through innovation - without associated risk - is a top focus for clients. That’s why they look to long-term stability and compliance with the highest standards in the industry as a guide. We drive innovation by listening to our clients and developing solutions that maximize return for as many of our clients as possible. 

Stability. Clients aren't distracted by the array of pop-up solutions on the market - they want a process solutions expert that’s in it for the long haul. They share our belief in a clean balance sheet and recognize our authenticity as a business. SmartSimple is 100% owned and operated by us as Co-Founders; we don’t have outside influencers looking over our shoulder - that counts for a lot. Our priority is our clients’ success.

Compliance. Top-tier corporations expect nothing but the highest standards in business protection. Accreditations like SOC 2 (most recognized security standard in the cloud), and others set the bar high, underscoring the investment we’ve made to keep our clients’ data safe. It’s this commitment to security that all our clients can be assured of.

4. What sets SmartSimple apart?

Organizations come to us for the technology and stay for the relationship. We take care of our clients and we’re here for them when things get tough or their needs change over time. It’s this trust and integrity that’s testament to the dedication of our people.

5. What’s to come?

We’re on the cusp of a time of change - it’s a generational shift to the cloud and we’ve been in the cloud long enough to know our way around it. Being ready for it, through developing our people and advancing our technology is what will distinguish SmartSimple as the standard against which all other business process solutions are measured.

Interested in finding out more? Discover what we do and how we do it here.


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