Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SmartSimple's April 2016 Upgrade Highlights

Our April upgrade, focuses on improving communications. New features like Field Annotation and the Privacy Policy Hyperlink, continue to add transparency and engagement tools to improve the user experience.

Field Annotation
With Field Annotation, you can create notes on any application field and make edits to these fields while keeping the rest of the application locked. This offers you an additional communications vehicle for both internal and external contacts. Field Revision Annotation works much like the current Notes feature but targeted towards individual fields. For example, let’s say one of your grants administrators is reviewing an application and notices that a particular field needs to be revised by the applicant. With Field  Annotation, the administrator can highlight this field with an annotation and send a comment to the applicant on what revision to make. The applicant will be advised that there is a note for them and provide them with the opportunity to revise their information as requested.

Global Currency Support
SmartSimple clients operate in multiple regions around the world. To help you continue working easily with your international grantees, we’ve more than doubled the number of currencies available in our system. In addition to the US and Canadian Dollar, the British Pound and the European Euro, we’ve added currencies such as the Danish Kroner, the New Zealand Dollar and the South Korean Won, just to name a few. The complete listing of available currencies is available on our Wiki.  

Policy Hyperlink
Privacy is a shared responsibility, but do all members of your community know what your privacy policies are? Now you can add a permanent and highly visible link to your organization’s privacy and security documentation. This makes it easier to communicate your unique privacy and confidentiality responsibilities to your users, and personalize them for each region where your users live.

Assignment Panels - Phase 1
Easily assign multiple users to multiple UTA records via the new Assignment Panels feature. For example, if you need to assign a set of reviewers to a set of applications, this feature gives you the ability to simultaneously search all users and UTA records (reviewers and applications) by leveraging your existing list views and search filters. Once selected, simply drag and drop them together to create an association between the required records.

Coming in a future upgrade, this feature will be expanded to allow other record types to be associated as well (for example: organizations to level 1s or users/organizations to level 2s and 3s).

Arcadia X Portal Builder
You can now quickly and easily create role-based user portals that are fully responsive using simple point-and-click configuration in Arcadia X. When creating a new section within a user portal, you’ll now see the option to Add Layout that gives you the option to create one of a range of different pre-built layouts. Once built, your system will format your portal for optimum viewing on a range of devices.This is a great feature that gives you the ability to effortlessly create intuitive, attractive portals.

Stripe e-Payment Integration
Building on this Beta feature introduced in November, users now have the ability to create events, confirm attendees, and accept payments all from within the system using Stripe. With Stripe, you can also generate an e-payment form from an invoice and collect credit card payments.

Please note that currently Stripe only works with the UTA invoicing module.

Learn More
See the full list of all our April enhancements on our Wiki. And be sure to sign up for one of our Upgrade Q & A Sessions on Tuesday, May 3rd or Thursday, May 5th by visiting our Webinars Page.