Monday, December 31, 2012

SmartSimple’s Top 10 Posts from 2012

It’s been quite an eventful year for the SmartSimple team. In the spirit of New Year’s Eve, we’ve assembled our top 10 blog posts – in no particular order – to highlight our biggest announcements and articles of 2012.

10. What is SmartSimple's UTA?
The most ubiquitous part of any SmartSimple system, the UTA is a flexible and powerful information gathering tool. We explain the basic working parts of a UTA and how you can use it to your advantage.

9. SmartSimple's Real 360° CRM
Our 360° suites enable our clients to capture and manage important information. For our clients in the grants industry, we provide a handy walk-through of applicant and organizational profiles.

8. More Than Just Software - Our First Live Video!

One of our resolutions for the year was to broaden our web presence, and our first live YouTube video was a huge step toward that. It was only a preview of things to come!

7. Smart Ways to Do Good for the Holidays 

Our most recent post provides you with a beginner’s guide to donating and volunteering during the holidays. We’ve also shed light on the philanthropic efforts of Jays Care, Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the Canadian Cancer Society.

6. SmartSimple CN Tower Climb in Support of WWF

Back in April, SmartSimple successfully participated (1,776 steps later!) in Toronto’s CN Tower climb to show our support for the World Wildlife Foundation. For information on how you or your work team can join, click here.

5. Four Things You Don’t Want in a GMS Vendor 

Researching potential grants management system vendors can raise a few red flags. We’ve pinned down the four biggest warning signs of a GMS vendor you’d definitely want to avoid.

4. SmartSimple Debuts RMS360° at the Informative 2012 ARMA Conference 

SmartSimple attended numerous industry events in 2012, but one of our most memorable involved our RMS360° debut at the ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) conference in Chicago.

3. Rotary Foundation Selects SmartSimple for Grants Management 

Considering the international scope and stature of the Rotary Foundation, we were beyond pleased to announce they had selected our GMS360° solution for their new grant model.

2. SmartSimple Announces First South African Partner Cornastone 

2012 was a year of many ‘firsts’ for SmartSimple. This particular first – an implementation partnership with South African company Cornastone – introduced us to a broader international audience.

1. Video: Web Forms

As a part of our series of online training videos (which you can find on our official YouTube account), our latest upload not only details the uses of web forms in SmartSimple, it introduces a new, exciting video format.

Friday, December 21, 2012

SmartSimple's Holiday Office Hours

SmartSimple’s Support hours for next week and New Years Day will be as follows:

Christmas Eve (Dec 24)8am - 6pm
Christmas Day (Dec 25)Closed
Boxing Day (Dec 26)8am - 6pm
Thursday Dec. 27th8am - 6pm
Friday Dec. 28th8am - 6pm
New Years Eve (Dec 31)8am - 6pm
New Years Day (Jan 1)Closed

For more information or to check out future SmartSimple events, enjoy our Event & Training Calendar.

Please have a safe and happy holiday!

Smart Ways to Do Good for the Holidays

Philanthropy is an essential part of the holiday season, a fact that we’re reminded of every winter when the bells of volunteers in Santa hats ring through our streets.

If you’re interested in doing good this season (and for more reasons than landing on the Nice list), we’ve compiled a few helpful hints and links to kick off your charitable ways.

Donations in Lieu of Gifts

One fantastic way of giving back for the holidays is to make charitable donations on behalf of your family and friends. Consider their hobbies and passions. What do they have vested interests in? Sports, recreation, youth, shelter for the homeless?

When researching charities, be sure to confirm their statuses at, or

Not sure how to get the ball rolling? Here are a few charitable organizations to start:

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Until December 31st, you can head to your local Canadian Tire retail store to receive one of three Jumpstart gift card holders or a holiday cutout in exchange for a $2 donation. Click here to learn more about their holiday fundraiser.

Jays Care Foundation

The charitable arm of the Toronto Blue Jays provides children and youth access to programs that encourage physical activity. Choices for community support include donations, sponsoring a night in the Jays Care club house, and online auctions for Blue Jays memorabilia.

Canadian Cancer Society

As the largest charitable funder of cancer research in the country, the Canadian Cancer Society is always looking for volunteers and donations in every province. To learn how to make a donation or join their team of volunteers, click here.

To learn more about how SmartSimple and our partners contribute to the community, please visit the SmartSimple website or contact us.

Monday, December 17, 2012

'Twas the Night of the SmartSimple Holiday Party

SmartSimple celebrated the season in style this past Friday. While our day-to-day lives revolve around software and functionality, that doesn't mean we can't appreciate some seasonal good cheer.

Festivities began in our Toronto office. Our first game involved a terribly cute collage of babies who, as luck would have it, all grew up to work at SmartSimple. Who's who?

The SmartSimple team attempts to match fellow staff with their baby photos.

After another Guess Who-style game in which we matched staff to their interests, iPhone cases and facial hair, it was time to hightail it to the glamorous Bar Italia for dinner and drinks.

While we were sharing the second floor with a family party that seemed to be invoking Mob Wives for its central theme, a merry good time was had by all!

Monday, December 10, 2012

SmartSimple’s Grants and Research Data Sources

As an integral part of our GMS360° and RMS360° platforms, we provide our grants and research funding clients with access to third party government data. This data confirms or denies their status as a charity, non-profit, or educational institution. Additionally, this data can verify whether or not they appear on any watch lists.

This vital information is gathered from the following sources:

The Office of Foreign Asset Control acts as a watch list. Any organizations or individuals included on this list are prohibited from receiving any funding. This list is updated on a monthly basis.

The IRS maintains two databases: Pub78 and the Business Master File.

Pub78 contains all non-revoked non-profit organizations that are required to report to the IRS. Organization types that may be eligible for grants and donations, but are not present on this database, can be found here.

The Business Master File contains all exempt organizations. Both databases are updated on a monthly basis.

SmartSimple draws monthly data from two CRA data sources. The first includes the most recent publically available T3010 Registered Charity Information Returns. The second database consists of charities according to their current status. Both are updated monthly.

Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data 
This annually updated database contains all public elementary and secondary schools in the United States.

For more information about the data sources used for our grants and research funding clients, take a look at our Wiki page.