Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SmartSimple Software Inc. and Rapid City Transportation Partnership

Healthcare providers and Insurers often find they need Transportation and Interpretation services to provide that extra level of care to their claimants and clients. SmartSimple Inc. is pleased to announce our new partnership with Rapid City Transportation enabling clients using SmartSimple's Claims Management system to arrange for Rapid City's services.

SmartSimple recognizes that scheduling assessments is a difficult process. In addition to the assessment, supplementary services such as patient transportation and interpreting are also often required. Using multiple systems to arrange all of these services is inefficient and simply adds time and costs to your process. Developers at both SmartSimple and Rapid City collaborated to simplify the process, allowing providers to arrange for all services at the same time, through the same familiar system they already know and use!

"We are very pleased to add Rapid City, a leader in their field, to our roster of Value Added Partners. Our clients that have requested this functionality will be thrilled to now have instant access to yet another high quality service provider without leaving their SmartSimple system," said Gary Modlin, Director of Business Development at SmartSimple Software Inc.

By integrating Rapid City's scheduling system into SmartSimple's Claims Management system, customers are one click away from scheduling transportation and interpreting services while, at the same time, managing reschedules and cancellations. Client and case data is securely transmitted to Rapid City. A confirmation is returned to SmartSimple acknowledging the request has been received and is being scheduled.

"Our partnership with SmartSimple allows us to provide additional options to our clients for booking transportation and translation services with us. Flexibility is one of our core principles, and we are committed to providing the tools and best-in-class processes necessary to help our clients achieve their objectives. Our structure, service methodology and proprietary software have all been designed to add value to the claim management operations of our clients," said Robert Donaldson, President of Rapid City Transportation.

This new feature is available to all SmartSimple clients at no additional cost and will be configured on request for any of our clients. Transportation and Interpreting services are automatically tracked and billed through provider's accounts with Rapid City.

To order the feature, please email SmartSimple Support with Rapid City Feature in the subject line.

About SmartSimple Software Inc.
SmartSimple Software Inc. has provided an innovative process management solution in the insurance, medical, grants, innovation and property management markets for the past seven years. By combining this platform solution with vertical market expertise SmartSimple supports customers ranging from major insurers such as Intact, Aviva and Allstate plus their extensive networks of medical service providers and clinicians. SmartSimple has offices in Toronto, Ontario and Dublin Ireland.

Contact: David Resnick
Director of Marketing
Phone: 416 591 1668 ext. 115
Email: David Resnick

About Rapid City Transportation
Founded in 1994, Rapid City Transportation is one of Canada's leading independent transportation companies, and operates under a license issued by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, Rapid City offers door-to-door concierge style transportation, translation and travel arrangement services for individuals who require special care and attention. Rapid City has a large fleet of regular sedans, vans, wheelchair accessible vehicles and non-emergency patient transfer vehicles, strategically located across the province of Ontario.

For further information on Rapid City Transportation please refer to

Contact: Donna Fabbro
Vice President, Business Development
Phone: 416.266.1500 ext. 134
Email: Donna Fabbro

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Join us on our Journey to Arcadia - SmartSimple's New User Interface

When our clients talk, we listen and as a result, we are embarking on one of the biggest enhancements to SmartSimple… a new User Interface!

Interface Objectives:
  1. Easier to use
  2. Accessible metrics
  3. Improved experience
  4. Reduced deployment time

  1. Optimized working space
  2. Simplified configuration
  3. Landing page with status counts hyperlinked to list views for ease of access
  4. Summary section (Aggregates custom fields associated with UTA)
  5. Context based report visibility (See available reports based on role, status and UTA)
  6. UTA tools tab (Invoice, batch update and other UTA actions all in one place)
  7. Quick search (Single field or advanced)
  8. Share and personalize your list views
  9. In-line editing

Learn More
Starting in late May we will be presenting some Web-based information sessions to give our clients a heads up on what is coming. Be sure to register for these exciting events. Click here for screenshots and more info.