Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WebEx Training for SmartSimple IME clients begining Setemper 8th

SmartSimple is pleased to offer web training sessions for IME users. These courses are offered at no charge. They are designed for staff working in an IME environment that have some experience using SmartSimple and are looking for a review of the Case Management or Referral system.  

Starting September 8, 2011 and running for six weeks, SmartSimple will host a WebEx training session each Thursday at 2pm EST. Each session includes 30-45 min of instruction, with time for questions through the session, as well as at the end. A Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to those who complete all six IME training sessions. Topics include: 

Topic Date
Company and contact creation and management September 8 at 2pm
Cases, services, notes and quick creation - Part 1 September 15 at 2pm
Cases, services, notes and quick creation - Part 2 September 22 at 2pm
Billing activities and Invoicing September 29 at 2pm
HCAI October 6 at 2pm
Exchanging Cases October 13 at 2pm

To register for any or all of the six IME courses, please register online.

Also note that we are going to be offering training in the same format to all of our clients so stay tuned. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SmartSimple is will be attending the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Associations 27th Annual General Meeting & Conference in Muskoka.

Having brought several of Ontario’s top insurance firms into the SmartSimple referral community over the past few months we are excited to be part of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Associations annual general meeting from August 25th to August 28th in Muskoka.

What makes this particular event so exciting is the fact that for the first time, we are giving independent adjusters the opportunity to invest in a solution that has benefited parties across the whole automotive injury referral process.

With over 50 medical assessment and treatment clients and some of the largest insurers in Ontario, SmartSimple users are well positioned to bring efficiency and effectiveness to their claims process. Of course the network of users is not the only benefit.

A few key points include:
      The ability to rapidly increase claim turnaround time
  •  The ability to gather meaningful business intelligence relating to all stakeholders
  •  The near instant cost savings enjoyed by taking your referral and claim processes online
  •   Never pay per transaction
If you are going to be at the General Meeting we invite you to drop by our booth for a demo. If your are unable to make than feel free to contact and view our brochure.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Searching LinkedIn from within SmartSimple: A look at some CRM

Whether your Contact Management System is used to track leads, potential partners or potential job applicants, the quality of the data can always be made more valuable. After all who doesn’t take a look at a new contacts LinkedIn page?

With SmartSimple’s SaaS solution you can access a contact’s LinkedIn and Facebook page as well as search them on Google or Google Scholar.
Many clients use this functionality in different ways.

The example below highlights how to use it to screen sales prospects.

1. One core benefit of the SmartSimple platform is that every aspect can be web enabled and integrated into a company’s website. In addition to having integrated our job openings and calendar functionality with our website, we have also integrated our “request demo” lead generation functionality.
CRM functionality integrated into the website.

2. Once the submit button clicked, a workflow is triggered which notifies the relevant sales staff and the contact appears in the branch view of all contacts under Web Demo Request.
Workflow triggered notification

New contact added

3. From this point the sales rep can click into the contact, read all details and make notes. Of course they can also click the search button and learn a bit more about their lead. As SmartSimple operates in several verticals, it becomes the case that only a LinkedIn search is insufficient. For instance, the same sort of chain of events can occur when an academic reviewer registers with a SmartSimple client’s Research Management System, but the Google Scholar lookup may be more pertinent.
New contacts profile

Automatic web search (LinkedIn)
Google Scholar Websearch

Of course it’s worth mentioning that this functionality can extend to just about any website with a search bar, so it all likelihood your needs can be accommodated.